Data Rich and Resource Poor: The Most Exploited Industry

If a hacker wanted to locate ALL the following information from a single source, where would they attack? If you guessed “a school database” you would be correct. Schools, both publicly funded and private, collect and retain a significant amount of data. For years, social media has been the focus of concern and debate among parents and educators for good … Read More

Cyberattacks and Pickleball: A Study of Rapid Increase

What do pickleball and cybercrime have in common?   According to statistics released by USA Pickleball, the number of Americans participating in the sport rose 85% from 2021 to 2023 making it the fastest growing sport in the US. During this same two-year period, data breaches increased 72% making cybercrime the fastest growing crime in the US. While the rapid increase … Read More

Failed Test, Phishing, and Infections: An Introduction to Data Breaches

“The most dangerous enemy in the world is the one you do not recognize.” Tess Gerritsen  Last week, a client of ours failed a test. They not only opened the email… they entered their log-in credentials. They were THAT employee. And they were an executive.   Luckily, the email was part of the ongoing cybersecurity training MiTech Services provides to clients, … Read More